Yotam Gafni 

This summer I'm at WALE, Jerusalem summer school for economic theory, and EC. Please catch me there, or if you want to have some discussions ahead of the conferences, send me an email! Also, please join us for the virtual tutorial on transaction fee mechanisms (~auctions for Blockchains) as part of the EC preview week. It should be a good primer for mechanism designers to plug into Blockchain research. 

I'm now a postdoc at Weizmann Institute hosted by Uri Feige, working on fair decision-making! My other interests include mechanism design for Blockchains (TFMs & AMMs), and Sybil attacks in auctions. 

I did my PhD at Technion (CV) under the supervision of Prof. Ron Lavi and Prof. Moshe Tennenholtz (as part of the MDDS group). I hold a B.A. in Math & Philosophy from the Hebrew University. Feel free to reach out: yotam.gafni at gmail. I would also love to talk, especially on Wednesdays :)

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