Prior to starting my PhD (and possibly as a main catalyst to pursuing it), I began running a Medium blog where I tackled questions that interested me. My blog posts were featured in publications such as Towards Data Science, Hackernoon and CoinMonks, and organically reached tens of thousands of readers over the years.

Popular Data Science - Solving Wordle with dynamic programming (GitHub). - Analyzing NBA players by their performance's consistency. - A primer on using experimental math tools (inspired by Doron Zeilberger).

Blockchains - A summary of notable ideas from the influential blog by Nick Szabo. - A summary of my article with Aviv Yaish about transaction fee mechanisms. - Explains what Craig Wright's got right and wrong in his criticism of selfish mining, in particular includes a Markovian analysis of selfish mining's performance before difficulty adjustment.

Monetary History - Hong Kong trade in the 18th century - Money in middle-age Europe - Applying game theory to problems trade was facing in middle-age Europe

Libertarian Thought - My take on whether Bitcoin has 'intrinstic' value, in particular in light of Mises' theory of how value is created. - My take on how a document issued by the federal government became a banner of the libertarian movement. - My take on the gold standard as a libertarian cause.